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Financial worlds collide when real estate expert Jason Whitton and sharemarket expert Andy Fenton come together each Friday for a wine.

Wealth, wine, and wisdom - more wine than anything else - is a relaxed retrospective look back at what’s been happening this week in the world of wealth, and what might happen next week and beyond.

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We built FENTON Financial to service a gap in the market so professionals like you, can benefit from the value that a team of specialists brings to you when we work in collaboration.

It's amazing what happens when the right hand knows what the left is doing.

Learn how it feels to have every aspect of your financial life working in unison.

Need Financial Direction?
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Who We Serve

We specialise in financial services for small to medium sized business owners & busy professionals who are dissatisfied with, or unsure of their financial arrangements.

How We Serve

We have developed a new way to align your business and personal finances. This is achieved through our team of specialists who focus on each and every aspect of your financial life.

Why We're Unique

Unlike other advisers who work in a single sector of finance in isolation, we work collaboratively to bring it all together and deliver fully integrated solutions that help clients live their lives by design

Learn how to build your life by design

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Discover Your Financial Foundation

Financial Collaboration – The Secret Sauce

We Make It Easy

Our championship team of family office professionals collaborate to deliver a blueprint that allows you to live your life by design, so you get on with running your business.

Interview with Chris Ridd

Make Finance Simple

Tell me why even professionals make finance complex. Wouldn't it be great to have someone cut through the BS and make it simple Einstein once said if you can't explain it to a 6-year-old, then you don't understand it yourself, So is it that they don't understand it? So work with people who make it simple. Your job is to make sure you do!

Money is like a Gas

Have you earned more money only to find you still don't seem to have anything more to show for it? Chances are your like millions of others around the world who experience the same phenomenon? I call this phenomenon "Money is like a Gas" because it continuously expands to fill the room that it's given! The trick is to build some boundaries so you can fit more in the same space. Wealth is a game of a few key components for everyone - Game one is it's not how much you make; it's how much you keep.

The Lifeblood of Business

Your business needs cash flow - Rule #1 Stop buying S*^t you don't need!!! We all know this, but most steal from their own business. Learn how to keep the lifeblood of your business circulating systematically This is what creates freedom.

Around here, we....

Personal Wealth Portal – FINANCE 2.0

Finance 2.0

Discover the strategy for your new financial foundation and implement the major changes now.

Learn how to benefit from our state of the art online financial dashboard, designed to track and measure the rest of your financial life, so you can see it all at one glance at your phone.

Experience what it feels like to have your whole financial life under control, just one click away.




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